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The Zoning Ordinance is how Bourbonnais (and other communities) regulate development and use of properties to protect neighbors from potentially negative impacts. It also is one of the Village’s key implementation tools for the Comprehensive Plan, which means keeping it clear, current and consistent are important for appropriate growth within the Village.

Why Update the Zoning Ordinance?

Over time ordinances become out of date with new technologies, new zoning practices, and growing community concerns. An out-of-date Zoning Ordinance is difficult to enforce effectively and even harder to interpret for those using it. Therefore, the Village of Bourbonnais, along with Teska Associates Inc. and Ancel Glink, are updating the Village’s Zoning Ordinance to create a sound set of regulations. This update will evaluate the code’s effectiveness and make needed changes within the Zoning Ordinance to address the Village’s needs.

What Is a Zoning Ordinance?

Zoning is the grouping of land and uses into different areas, or zones, keeping compatible uses together and incompatible uses apart. A municipality then assigns regulations about what can be built in each of those zones, these regulations make up the zoning ordinance.

How Does Zoning Impact Me?

Zoning affects everyone who owns, rents, or builds on property in the Village because it spells out the legal regulations of how land is used. Zoning:

  • Controls how property can be used.
  • Determines where businesses can be located.
  • Regulates building heights, sizes and distances from property lines, etc.
  • Regulates signs and landscaping.
  • Determines the size and shape of new development and where it can be located.

How Long Will the Zoning Ordinance Update Take?

We anticipate that the Zoning Ordinance Update process will run through mid 2018.

Who Can Participate in the Process?

Everyone! We invite any community member or interested party to participate in the future growth of Bourbonnais.

How Can I Get Involved?

Start by taking the Visual Preference and Community Survey. Check back with this website periodically to see drafts of the new Zoning Ordinance and reports on what the changes mean. You can also get involved by signing up for the email notifications at the bottom of the page.

If you have comments, feel free to share them here on the website, or contact Vicki McClintock-Senesac, Building Commissioner, Village of Bourbonnais at 815-937-3575 (senesacv@villageofbourbonnais.com) or consultant team member Michael Blue FAICP, Principal, Teska Associates, Inc. at 847.869.2015 (MBlue@teskaassociates.com) for further information.